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Ladders Light And Reliable

Ladders Light and reliable

There are many types of gangway used in ships. Steel gangway and aluminum gangway are two commonly used, namely, different materials are named, aluminum gangway is used in high-quality aluminum alloy material, the use of light and reliable, it and The use of steel gangway is very different, today the ship gave you a detailed analysis to explain the next.

Gangway by material can be divided into steel gangway, aluminum gangway which is commonly used in two. Steel gangway because of their relatively heavy, and easy to rust and corrosion, after hot-dip galvanized rust-proof anti-corrosion performance greatly improved, but the surface finish is difficult to improve, that is, the impact of surface beauty, the current shipowners rarely used.

Aluminum gangway material made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, light weight, strength and steel is better, after anodized treatment has a good anti-rust anti-corrosion properties, while the surface finish high and beautiful, so now the international and domestic shipowners are Preferring to use aluminum gangway. Aluminum gangway is made using international standards, reliable design requirements concept, widely used in the ship industry. Ladder operation:

1, first pull the fastening device at the wing nut release, and then fasten the hook and the staircase hole off.

2, start the winch, the ship gangway to rely on their own weight, so that the marine gangway and ladder lift from the bulwark to the outboard rotation, when the boom to the arm support when the rotation (that is, horizontal position) to stop turning , The marine gangway has all been poured out of the outboard level, the ship's gangway from the boom began to decline, the ship gangway down about 1.5 meters from the boom height, the winch to stop working.

3, the staff will be the ship gangway handrails, the middle of the cable, safety net installed, according to the use of requirements to adjust the next platform angle, installed under the platform railings and bar.

4, the staff to leave the marine gangway, start the winch again, the gangway down to the required position, the winch to stop working.

Ladder operation:

1. When the winch is lifted and the marine gangway is raised to about 1.5 meters from the ladder, the winch stops working.

2. The staff will be safe net, the middle of the block, on the platform railings collection, down the gangway handrails, adjust the bolt, the next platform to adjust to the same level with the ramp.

3. The staff leaves the naval gangway, starts the winch, and ascends the gangway, and stops the winch when the rubber stopper fixed on the staircase rises to contact with the boom.

4. Fix the fastening hook to the ladder frame and tighten the wing nut to fasten the ladder.

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