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Marine Anchors Basic Condition

Marine Anchors Basic condition

The main role of the anchor is fixed, stable ship. From the following aspects.

1, the anchor to work, the most basic conditions are hooked things in the seabed and so on. If the anchor is not long enough, the anchor will not work. If the seabed is flat, or the hook is not fixed, or the hook is not too strong, if it is calm and can, but the waves are too large, resulting in anchor hooks, will make the anchor lose its role , This is called "anchor", the ship during the anchor, there is anchor, is very dangerous, because the ship in the anchor when the general host are stopped, if the sail immediately, take time, no power of the boat around the drift is very dangerous. So, only the concept of anchorage, anchorage, implied meaning, under the river is relatively rough, in addition, to be able to shelter.

2, the weight of the chain for the ship is negligible, that point of friction, will not play a big role. In addition, if you pay attention to, in general, when the anchor ship, anchor chain is straight, do you think this time the chain will have any friction? If you are at the beach, you will find a lot of small fishing boats, their anchor chain is a rough rope.

3, on the boat, the chain is straight, but underwater there is a section of the sea bed is close to the parallel (in fact, close to the bottom of the sea) to provide the anchor, and then passed through the chain to the ship to resist Current, wind and waves of the external load for the positioning of the reason why there is a section is close to the bottom of the sea is to take into account the force to think about, an anchor, anchor straight a straight pull is easy to anchor and a close to the sea, you can It is possible to provide a margin within a certain range. The weight of the anchor is not large, but how much of the ship is the anchor is the provisions of this is due to the anchor can produce the force and their own inertial force factors anchor chain friction is also the role of the general said in the deep sea Big waves, basically only to see the meaning of God.

An anchor is an indispensable device to ensure the safety of a ship. Pin, anchor, anchor, anchor (also known as cross bar or stabilizer bar) and anchor shackles and other components. First of all, under the conditions of the anchor, not any place can be anchored, the best substrate is the bottom of the sand, mud bottom Second, the reef base is difficult to break down, it may be difficult to grasp the poor, Anchor. Water depth is too large, such as in the ocean, three or four kilometers of water depth, can not break down. (But can drag the anchor sailing, this is a big fight against the storm skills, here is not to say)

When you break down, you can not use the speed too fast, slowly to anchor down, the speed will lead to anchor and anchor chain is difficult to stop, may damage the windlass, and may even have other serious consequences. The anchor first is the anchor crown bottom, and then the anchor body lying down, then under the action of the balance bar, the tip of the anchor will bottom, but will not catch the sand. The boat will continue to lay down a certain length of the chain, so that most of the anchor chain are tiled in the sea. At this time back to the car, the anchor chain slightly dragged back, anchor 6 in the anchor body under the combined action of gravity and anchor chain, into the sand.

At this point, the ship will slightly recover some of the anchor chain. In general, the release of the chain length should be 3-5 times the water depth. If the chain is too long, the range of the ship is increased and it is easy to collide with other anchored vessels. Anchor is too short, it is easy to affect the anchor up, so that the anchor loose, loss of grip effect. In the anchor grasping grip, the equivalent of playing a pile, and the anchor chain in the down, basically only with the level of the level of tension, at this angle, the anchor is the largest grip. Unless the storm is very large, the general anchor can be grasped.

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