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Marine Buoys Detection Identification

Marine Buoys Detection identification

In view of the lack of long-term image detection and identification methods in the marine buoy system, the research team of Cai Chengtao, associate professor of the School of Automation, Harbin Engineering University, after 10 years of painstaking research, has successfully succeeded in the observation of numerous equipment, maintenance difficulties and monitoring dead ends. Developed the first set of domestic use in the marine buoy visualization of all-round target detection and identification system for the first time in the country to achieve the ocean buoy 360 degrees without dead ends of the no one, visualization, a wide range of environmental independent monitoring. The research results have filled the gaps in the automatic identification and early warning of visualization of large-scale sea area targets based on the dynamic environment of marine environment in China. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level.

At present, the project has been authorized by independent intellectual property rights invention patents 4, published 26 academic papers. Related results have been in the State Oceanic Administration of the East China Sea standard measurement center, Jiangsu Jintai Electrical and Mechanical Co., Ltd. and other units have been successfully applied, and achieved significant economic and social benefits.

The development of marine buoy visualization omnidirectional target detection and identification system is designed to provide visualization means for monitoring and monitoring information of China's territorial sea base, offshore exploration platform and related sensitive areas. The visualization of the marine buoy is applied to the visualization of the marine buoy. The visual observation system is composed of panoramic and conventional visual composition, which combines the panoramic vision imaging system and the conventional visual system. Clear observation and many other advantages, in the marine environment dynamic conditions of remote target visualization detection, panoramic vision and conventional visual system coordination control, remote small target recognition and other key technologies to achieve a breakthrough, based on the marine environment dynamic platform for visualization of the visual situation provided Important situational surveillance and visualization of information interrogation techniques.

The projected reflex panoramic vision system has a 360 degree field of view, the characteristics of imaging integration, and other realization of the same field of view of the rotating panoramic system, splicing panoramic system, wide-angle panoramic system, compared with high image quality , No delay, no parallax, small distortion, high accuracy of the reduction solution, and significantly improve the system on the buoy on the suitability. In the aspect of image processing, it is based on the imaging characteristics of the system in the sea area environment, breaking the dynamic skyline detection, remote small target recognition and heterogeneous two-scale visual system co-control technology, significantly improve the target detection success rate and target observation of the fine Level.

The marine buoy omnidirectional image target detection and recognition system has the characteristics of large field of view, long distance, high precision target detection, sea area target recognition and alarm, and evidence wireless remote transmission. It can operate independently in the buoy platform for a long time and can effectively improve the buoy Around the surveillance of the horizon for the relevant departments of China's marine supervision of the waters under the jurisdiction of the implementation of cruise surveillance, investigate and deal with violations of marine rights and other illegal acts, to carry out comprehensive law enforcement and investigation and evidence collection work, provides a discovery, surveillance, tracking foreign invasion And the effective means of action, significantly improve the technical level of China's comprehensive marine law enforcement.

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